A data center is a special facility where businesses house the servers used for their offline or online services - web hosting, mail servers, computing, file storage, and so forth. The data center provides the conditions for the web servers accommodated there to operate at their best capacity while preserving their life. This is accomplished by supplying optimal environmental conditions - heat range, air humidity, protection against disasters, etcetera. All data centers also have electrical power and Internet backups, which are a safeguard in the case of infrastructural difficulties, and which ensure the continuous operation of the machines and the access to them. The restricted access to such facilities provides an additional layer of security against unauthorized access by third-parties. In case you employ the web services of any firm, a good data center shall significantly improve the level of the service and your consumer experience.

Data centers in Cloud Hosting

If you choose to obtain a cloud hosting plan from us, you will be able to select between 5 data centers on the order page and you can have your account set up in SteadFast (Chicago, U.S.), Pulsant (London, United Kingdom), Amaze (Sydney, Australia), Ficolo (Pori, Finland) or TelePoint (Sofia, Bulgaria). We have web servers in several locations in order to offer you a choice to opt for the most suitable one for your Internet sites, so both you and your website visitors shall enjoy high loading speeds. Each one of the facilities offers 24/7 support, power generators and numerous Internet routes through some of the major ISPs within the specific country. In addition to our innovative cloud hosting platform, this means basically no service disruptions of any sort, so your websites might be up and running at all times. The facilities are among the largest ones on the planet and some of them house even government servers, so collocating our machines there enables us to concentrate on presenting new services and boosting the existing ones all of the time.

Data centers in Semi-dedicated Hosting

Our effective semi-dedicated hosting solutions are available in 5 data centers around the globe with the idea to provide you with the opportunity to get the finest possible web hosting service for your Internet sites regardless of where you or your website visitors are located. The instant you reach the order page, you'll be able to select SteadFast in the USA, Pulsant in the United Kingdom, TelePoint in Bulgaria, Ficolo in Finland or Amaze in Australia. We have picked out these facilities because they provide fantastic services and are able to keep all servers that are a part of our advanced cloud hosting platform working constantly and at their best capacity. Each facility uses numerous backbone Internet suppliers with multi-gigabit routes, diesel generators and powerful UPS units as a failsafe in case there is an infrastructural issue. They all also have qualified 24/7 tech support crews that can readily react very quickly to any unexpected issue that shows up. Using these data centers permits us to focus on enhancing our services all of the time, so we are able tooffer you the best possible hosting service for your websites.

Data centers in Dedicated Hosting

If you need loads of computing power for your websites and you buy one of the dedicated server solutions which we provide, you will be able to capitalize on the excellent service that our Chicago-based data center delivers. The SteadFast facility is the place where our dedicated servers are situated and hosting your Internet sites there will enable you to reach the whole North American continent without any difficulty. Direct connections with the East and West Coasts, with many big cities in the area and even over the Atlantic guarantee the high access speeds to your web content. Your machine shall never be unavailable as it will have its own effective UPS device which will keep it operating until 1.5 MW diesel generators kick in in case there is a power failure. The 24/7 hosting server maintenance crew will react very quickly if there's any issue with your machine and we have spares and whole backup hosting servers within the facility, so your sites shall be working no matter what.